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He spoke of pedaling he spoke of companionship and friendship and that's what you'll find with our leaders in cycling adventure tourism. Our team cycles a lot around the region, loves what they do and that's why you can expect people in a good mood, fun and always attentive to your needs. We believe that the heart of Muriki Cicloturismo is our team. Each member, whatever their specialty, knows how to help you make the trip of your dreams.


He is the founder of Muriki, was born in Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo, is  advertising, graphic designer, photographer, nature lover and cycling enthusiast. Married, father of three, he moved to Santarém and discovered the paradise that this region of the Amazon is and all the beauties it can offer for lovers of cross-country MTB cycling. From there, he began to get to know the communities, customs, landscapes, creeks and beauties of the region by pedalling, in order to set up the routes and provide a unique natural and cultural experience for lovers of cycle tourism. outdoor experience: first aid and mountain bike mechanics.
Has knowledge of basic bike mechanics and
first aid.


Marcao, as he is known, supports Muriki's tours as a driver and also with a bike is one of our adventure tourism leaders!
Born in Belém and resident of Santarém for over 20 years, he is passionate about cycling, with the MTB, and knows the trails in the region well!
Owner of Loca Bike, director member of the Association of Cyclists of Santarém, is also founder of Pedal Amigo, the largest pedal group in the city.


Born in Santarém, graduated in Law, triathlete, nature lover and owner of Maraka Hostel in Alter do Chão. Investing in tourism as a sustainable way to get to know the Amazon. He knows the region a lot with its trails and paths.
Lenilson is a member of the Muriki team as adventure tour leaders, has knowledge of basic bike mechanics and first aid.



Japa, as it is better known, is a great connoisseur of the trails, paths, culture and nature of the Alter do Chão region.
Experienced cyclist, competitive athlete and cycling lover, he has cycled through Brazil and is one of Muriki's adventure tourism leaders.
Has knowledge of basic bike mechanics and
first aid.


Our adventure tourism leader, Gabi, is from Santarém, a biologist and has a deep knowledge of the regional fauna. Gabi is passionate about breaking new routes and is an experienced driver around the region.
Competitor athlete and lover of cycling, he has already known cycling in various regions of Pará, and is one of the collaborators of the Muriki team.
Has knowledge of basic bike mechanics and
First aid.
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